Sherpur Bikerz is an enthusiastic organization of young people in Bogura’s Sherpur

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Sherpur Bikerz is an enthusiastic organization of young people in Bogura’s Sherpur

Everyone dreams of buying a bike or motorcycle at some point in their teenage or young adulthood. Because it is a symbol of youthful freedom and youthful exuberance, no car can complement it.

Due to which motorcycles are mostly seen among the youth in our society. As the number of young motorcycle riders is increasing day by day in the society, the number of accidents is also increasing due to not knowing the traffic laws or the correct rules of riding a motorcycle on the roads.

So Nahid Hasan formed a bikers organization (Sherpur Bikerz) with young people in Sherpur of Bogura and his friend Imran Hussain was his partner.


The main aim of this organization is to solve all kinds of problems related to motorcycles among the youth and to do social improvement work with them.


Although the organization has not been launched for a long time, they have been seen doing service work in the society. At the beginning of the corona virus, masks and hand sanitizers were distributed among the society to prevent the virus and during the month of Ramadan, iftar was distributed among the poor and helpless on the streets. In continuation of that, a few days ago, a woman from Sherpur in Bogura distributed burkha, hand and foot socks among the students in the madrasa. During these initiatives, admin in charge of the organization Nahid, Imran, Mujahid, moderator Sohail, Likhan, Shahriar, Samiul, Rafi, Manjurul, Al-Amin and other members of the organization were present.


Nahid, the founder of the group, told us, “Nothing can be done alone, so we are walking this path with everyone. There are still many people who do not know what traffic laws are, the criteria for certified helmets, road traffic guidelines, the cost of traffic cases and many other things.

So we have united to make everyone aware. We met in a unique match.”

The moderator and designer of the group, Al-Amin, also said, “The likes of bikers, various information about the tour, the problems of bikers and bikes, as well as about bikers.

Doing service work in society. For example, iftar party in Ramadan, doing something for orphan boys and girls, being with the needy during Eid, sharing the joy of Eid. So I wish everyone’s support and love.”


Sherpur Bikerz is a very important platform. Through them, it is understood that bikers can also do social improvement work and present their country in front of the whole world.

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