Awarded by Abul Hossain Limited for contributing to the advancement of women

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Awarded by Abul Hossain Limited for contributing to the advancement of women

Md. Manik Hosen, Rajshahi Divisional Correspondent :

On March 8 International Women’s Day a training program has been held by M/s Abul Hossain Limited for the rights of women workers in the professional field and to make women skilled. Along with this, leading awards have been distributed to motivate and inspire local women small entrepreneurs.

Tamim Hossain, leader of Abul Hossain Limited, handed over awards and certificates to 5 people for playing a role in the advancement of women on Tuesday (March 7).

During the award distribution, Mocha: Tanya Akhtar in Women Entrepreneurship, Bobby Saha and Md. Bishu in Women Education and Ravi Ghosh and Vipul Kumar in Women Empowerment were awarded for their special contribution.

Since the United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Day in 1975, the day has gradually started to be celebrated in almost all the countries of the world through various events. International Women’s Day 2023 was celebrated around the world on March 8 under the theme EmbraceEquity. In continuation of other years, this day is celebrated by taking various events and initiatives in Bangladesh as well.

The event started with a discussion held at the office of M/s Abul Hossain in Rajshahi. Tamim Hossain, the leader of Abul Hossain Limited, spoke at the meeting titled “Elimination of Gender Discrimination” in the professional field. The discussions focused on important issues such as women’s proper rights, ensuring a working environment for women in business, and the need for women to play a leading role in the overall socio-economic development of the country.

Tamim Hossain, the leader of Abul Hossain Limited, said that on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, the traditional business organization of Rajshahi city “Abul Hossain Limited” has taken various programs with women small entrepreneurs working at the field level. Organized business training programs and prize distribution programs. These programs have been taken to facilitate the passage of women with emphasis on eliminating discrimination in the workplace.

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