“NRB Professionals’ Summit 2022”

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“NRB Professionals’ Summit 2022”

Corporate Desk:-

“NRB Professionals’ Summit 2022” The Event Organized under the overall theme of Investing in Sustainable Development, the Summit will challenge
the global NRB’s for “Bangladesh Brand Image Development” and to “Improve Trade and Investment”
in the new era of global shortage of Energy and Raising Cost of Living. Trade and Investment
stakeholders will gather to brainstorm solution-oriented initiatives and build global partnerships. The NRB Professionals Summit 2022 will bring more actors to the table. More than 500 trade and
investment stakeholders are anticipated to participate in the Summit and the Event. Specifically, our objectives for this program are as follows:
• Leverage the Bangladeshi NRBs & Diasporas to improve the “Bangladesh Brand Image” by
engaging with the congressmen, Senators, MPs, and respective legislators in different parts of the world to establish positive communications for Bangladesh. For example, in the USA, we
have requested and created a semiannual
communication plan with support from the US State
Department’s “Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs” desk and Ami Bera, M.D. (D-CA), .
Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, Central Asia, and
• Leverage the Bangladeshi NRBs & Diasporas to improve the Trade and Investment between
Bangladesh and Abroad
• Setup a sustainable support system (with the support from BIDA, BEZA, BEPZA, and Hi-Tech
Authority) for the NRBs who are interested in supporting the Bangladesh Trade and Investment.Build a sustainable bridge between NRBs and Bangladesh for the Technology Transfer and

Thought Leadership exchange
• Setup ongoing CRM & Communications mechanisms to enhance involvement between the
NRBs with the opportunities in Bangladesh
NRB World Association is established to create and strengthen NRB community partnerships. The
theme of this year’s event is “Help improve the Brand Image and the Role of NRBs”. We believe the
NRB’s, with our effort may amount to bigger matters, and our Action Today, will amount to Better
Tomorrow. This theme reminds us that a simple, little effort of ideation, like spreading the good
image of Bangladesh or supporting the technology transfer through knowledge sharing, can lead to
better lives for each of us today, and a stronger, happier Bangladesh, tomorrow.
The event with opening sessions, followed by 4 individual sessions, and the evening gala event where
we will recognize some of the NRBs who have helped to improve the Bangladesh Brand Image or for
their significant contribution to improving the trade and investment for Bangladesh. Over 250 prominent
NRBs from across the world along with additional 200 local NRBs are planning to attend.

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