Young generation model and actress Anindita oni’s foray into the media world

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Young generation model and actress Anindita oni’s foray into the media world

Entertainment Reporter-

Young generation talented model and actress Anindita oni. Growing up in a cultural family since childhood. Regarding the beginning of work, she said: “Dancing art at a young age. In 2015, I worked as a content executive. In 2017, there was no break in TVC. To make myself complete.
I started working again from 2022. The beginning was with dance and art. I was very active in the cultural side due to studying at Holy Cross. I also received the World Literary Award. Then the recital arena. I learned Bengali pure pronunciation for 5 years and performed on many stages. I joined Bangladesh Betar as a drama artist. Presented on BTV. doing
This is how the journey started slowly. The journey started with the TVC from the content executive. And at first many people could not accept it. Especially the voices. Because the media did not go with them. I joined another group with Rezain. Next to me was the Combined Cultural Alliance and the Recitation Coordination Council. Not to mention the names of honorable Ahkam Ullah (General Secretary) Brother, Shirin Apu (Office Secretary), Azad Brother (Joint General Secretary). I will be forever grateful.Regarding the support of the family, she said, “I have a cultural family. Even though I grew up in the midst of dance, music, and art from childhood, I had to face a lot of obstacles while growing up. And it is still happening. But a little less than before.”
About those interested in working in new media:
Acting is not a very easy task. Prepare yourself first. You have to keep the morale. Many people around you will not talk about it, but still move towards your dreams.
Regarding education said – SSC – Ideal School and College Motijheel (Commercial Department)
HSC – Holy Cross College (Department of Humanities)
Graduate (Dhaka Art College) Department of Fine Arts Painting
favorite color-
White (symbol of peace), beloved hero-
Shah Rukh Khan, Favorite Actress-
Jaya Ahsan
(disappeared) Short film. Bioscope. Director- Rakayet Rabbi,
Drama (Mr. Buddhi GB) Director – Zulfikar Shishir.Regarding work at home, she said –

.Reading books.Also learning from my own mistakes in acting and making new ones.Constantly learning.Because this is the profession.
She said about the future plans of the media.
.Still learning.Developing myself more.Eager to work in new roles.Even if it’s a challenging role I don’t mind.Want to develop myself as an actress.

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